Wrist-Assist from RS Innovations - Testimonials

"This product has saved my career!

Wrist-Assist + gel = no hand pain!

I was down to just 2 days a week because of wrist and hand pain, not to mention the fact that I was dropping everything. I had to make some decisions. Now, that I have learned how to do pink and white gel and use the wrist assist religiously I am back to 4 days. I no longer sleep with wrist braces or take Aleve. I still love acrylic and have learned to incorporate gel and acrylic together. Also love acrylic for 3D. So I haven't had to give up my first love--Acrylic but am able to do so many things thanks to Robin's awesome invention! It forces the most tense client to relax. It takes a little getting used to but so worth it. Young nail techs-- take it from someone who has been at it 26 years, YOU MUST PROTECT YOUR HANDS! I don't care how many people tell you that the efile will save them, you are still holding up their hand with the hand you're not using for filing. You can use a cushion or pad but none of them roll. You can pull the client toward you with ease because the Wrist Assist rolls. This tool is the best investment of my career!"

Licensed Nail Technician/Educator, California

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