Wrist-Assist from RS Innovations - Helpful Hints

  • Make sure the client is sitting straight and relaxed.
  • Place the Wrist-Assist on the station where it is most comfortable for the technician. Make sure it is close enough to achieve correct posture.
  • Place Wrist-Assist so that the technician's wrists are in a neutral (straight) position.
  • Technician's arms, wrists, hands and fingers should remain relaxed, only having to guide the clients fingertips.
  • Move Wrist-Assist from hand to hand as your working.
  • Sanitize with disinfectant between clients.

Horizontal Use
  • Best used during steps requiring flexibility in client hand placement, such as, e-filing, hand filing, acrylic application, gel application, pushing back cuticles, buffing, and massaging.
  • May be placed at an angle.
  • Relax client's wrist over cushion first, roll as close as necessary, then let the weight of their arm drop.
  • Guide the clients fingers in all four directions without lifting them.

Vertical Use
  • Best used during steps requiring higher, more stable client hand placement, such as, nail art and gel polish removal.
  • Rest the client's palms over the disk end portion so fingers drape freely over the edge.

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